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Early Signs Of Pregnancy To Look Out For

By Rosy s.
Last Update on 10 Mar '13

Early Signs Of Pregnancy To Look Out For

Pregnancy is a great feeling particularly for women, who are longing for a child for long and so whenever, they feel something different in their body, they start looking for early signs of pregnancy and according to a survey this term is being searched by women in larger number. With a view to help these women, there are many home pregnancy test kits available in the market in such a way that they can get a confirmation themselves, before they actually approach their family physician. However, the problem with these kits is that they will not be in a position to tell a lady if she is pregnant until three days before she missed her period. Some women may find it difficult to spend days without knowing whether they are pregnant or not. 

Here is some early pregnancy symptoms generally found in women
  1. Exhaustion: A very early sign can be that women will generally feel very much tired and this tiredness is generally caused by changes taking place in the body to prepare itself for carrying a womb for the following nine months. 

  2. Nausea: Generally, women after confirming their pregnancy will have nausea and vomiting, which is generally known to most of us. But, the unknown fact is that even women, who have not so far missed their period, will have this feeling and they will experience an upset stomach. Even though, this pregnancy symptom generally is felt by most of the women, some might not feel it as well. 

  3. Bloating stomach: Generally bloating stomach is a sign of period for some ladies, but it occurs in the early pregnancy period in some women before they miss their period. This bloating is caused since the body will begin to retain the fluids for ensuring the healthiness of the womb. 

  4. Frequent restroom trips: As mentioned earlier, the body begins to retain the fluids and this will cause the woman to frequently go to bathroom for emptying her stomach. Moreover, the frequency of bathroom visits will grow as the pregnancy progresses. 

  5. Cramping: Mild abdominal pain, which is otherwise called as cramping is one among the different early signs of pregnancy. Generally, most of the women ignore this sign with the feeling that they are getting the pain because they are nearing the beginning of their menstrual cycle. 

  6. Blood spots: Mild blood spots is another sign and this symptom is experienced by some ladies and on seeing this, they feel that their period has started. But, this type of spot will be different from heavy bleeding, which is generally experienced during periods. 

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Adana Marshall commented on 05 Apr '17
my periods came february 12th to 16th and came back on march 4th to 6th which is 16 days after did ah test an it came out negative i believe but im seeing ah very faint line on d othee side .

nitisha gahlot commented on 29 Nov '16
M nitisha gahlot m dusri Babar pregnant Honda chati hu merit ek ladki h manie jab mere Laski choti this toh observartion karwya that aur ab who 4 saal Ki m dubara ladke ki chaht h ab m jaldi pregnant nhi hp pa rhi hu koi up aye bataye kasi hu

susan susan commented on 22 Sep '16
Main festone medicine liya leriods v ho gye but 15din k andar firse periods q hue ar kese?

joan commented on 07 Jul '16
I had my first period day on 23rd June n finished after 3 days.. I had unprotected sex on 4th and 5th of july.. I swallowed depregdina afterwards.. Am I still safe?

Josephine commented on 15 May '16
Istarted my period on16-20 aprill and I had unprotected sex on23april could I be pregnant

Sayani mondal commented on 12 May '16
My last period was XXXXXtoday XXXXXcan i pregnancy test

Georgia commented on 19 Oct '15
Anyone can give me an advise please? I'm 39 years old and always have normal period, but now getting worried as I was delayed for minimum 6 days and get bleed twice when I had intercourse with my husband which is very unsusual! Had my home test but showing negative, Am I pregnant? Your thoughts are highly appreciated!

Monika commented on 12 Oct '15
Hii My home pregnancy test was positive but my beta HCG test was0.100.that was very low.but still I haven't got period.I missed my period since 5 oct2015. Usually I got 8-10 days earlier my periods but this time I am so confused.. I hv 6 years old son..plz let me know what II can do

susana commented on 05 Oct '15
I am experience what was mentioned there but I hard my menses on 28 august 2015 and last month September I miss my menses but I have test and is negative I want to no if am pregnant

linda commented on 12 May '15
i had unprotected sex but it was the pull out method , then days later i used condom , i keep fearing that im pregnant and my tummy heart all over for two days , also i was secreting a milky white liquid and now my nipples hurt , im really not ready for a baby

firdos shaikh commented on 30 Mar '15
Main firdos ...hamari shadi ko 5th mnths complete hogaye ..mujhe baby chahiye...mujhe periods 8th march ko hokar gaya or uske baad se humare bich m kafi relations hue...or mujhe bohot vomit nd all lagta hai...to main janna chahti hu k main pregnant hu...ya main 8th april k baad hi test karu

pooja soni commented on 26 Feb '15
Meri date XXXXXhe mera abhitk period nai hua jbki ajtk me apni date se 5 din pehle ho jati thi abki bar late hua me kab pregncy test kru??

Jen commented on 21 Oct '14
I had unprotected sex on Oct 11, which is about the time I would be ovulating. Since then, my bra size has increased, push up bras, which are usually fine, make my nipples really uncomfortable. I Have a heightened sense of smell, I'm nauseas, I'm bloated, I have been getting really tired around 7-8 in the evening, whereas usually I don't get tired until around 3 in the morning. I have changes in my appetite, a few days ago I had cramps just below my belly button, that felt like someone stabbed me with a needle, I have constantly had pressure feelings in my lower abdomen, and so on. I am not opposed to having a baby, even if it was an accident. I just wish I could know sooner. My monthly is supposed to come in 3 days.

linda commented on 11 May '14
i dont know whether iam pregnant or not. i miss my periods last 14 days, i test for a urine pregnancy test and got the result negative, but i agree with all the symptoms which u mentoned here....pls tell whether iam pregnant or not.