Mera period 21 ko tha likin abi to nhi Aaya he Mene ..?

Mera period 21 ko tha likin abi to nhi Aaya he Mene mesulin forte teblet le rhi hu likin abi to period nhi Aaya he Kuch Koi medisin btaye Jesse period jldi aa jaye

Ankita marskole asked on 28 Nov '17 at 13:50

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Krish g answer on 22 Sep '12 at 03:11

every early pregnancy symptom can also be explained away by something else. Late period? Stress or normal irregularity. Swollen breasts and belly? Premenstrual syndrome. Nausea? Stomach flu or food poisoning. Intense hunger? PMS or ... intense hunger. The most common cause of a missed period is pregnancy, but exactly when does a late period become "missed?" Making it even worse are hormones. If your period is just late, you may be flooded with premenstrual anxiety. If you are pregnant, well, there are those hormones making you feel obsessed. I told you: Crazy-making. ==There's the doctor's office urine test, and there's the laboratory urine test. Both of these are virtually 100-percent accurate if done seven to 10 days after conception. Of course, you'll need to go in to the doctor's office or the lab, and they sometimes make you wait until your period is a week late.

Rosy s. answer on 25 Sep '12 at 09:11

difficult to say...if you have used withdrawal method before then probably not...but still there can be chances of pregnancy with pre cum ...still too early to say anything...wait for your periods thats it...worrying wont help anything...

Rosy s. answer on 25 Sep '12 at 09:41

hi sarah, with irregular periods its difficult to guess...wait atleast a month after your last period then take a test...that will clear your doubt...bloating z not a sure sign for pregnancy ...look for implantation bleeding till then occurs after 6-12 days after conception...

Rosy s. answer on 27 Sep '12 at 08:46

yes i think your pregnant....but have to wait till your next periods come to confirm....that...goodluck

Emma . answer on 01 Oct '12 at 04:39

sometimes the cycle does get upset without any reason...may be there was some kind of stress or change in your lifestyle recently that triggered you have ruled out pcos and thyroid it just seems your fine but need to concentrate on your daily routine...start excercising or if you have gained weight recently ...try to cut it are having periods its just that they are irregular so your not pregnant..stop worrying that wont help anything.....right now you think your pregnant thats why your started to feel these symptoms ...just get yourself preoccupied with other things will be fine.