I have during pregnancy in 8 month how i can know my ..?

I have during pregnancy in 8 month how i can know my baby gender

Sangeeta ghorai asked on 28 Nov '17 at 05:53

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Daniella answer on 09 May '11 at 21:34

I know how you feel. I had a miscarriage and 2 months later i found out i was pregnant again. I know until you hit that 12 week mark you are going to be anxious, try maybe taking a warm bath with some lavender scented bath gel before you go to bed to relax your body and maybe it will help you sleep better. When you wake up from one of those dreams, just take a few deep breaths, and i know it sounds kinda wierd but i used to touch my tummy (well the lil bump that was there) alot just to remind myself that i was blessed enough to get pregnant again and it would make me wonder what this baby would look like, what gender, what name i would give and eventually my anxious feeling would go away. I really hope this helps

Krish singh answer on 05 Jun '12 at 15:16

There has not been any definitive scientific research that suggests a connection between having certain pregnancy symptoms, or the severity of pregnancy symptoms, and the gender of your baby. Having said that, many women believe that their pregnancy symptoms can indeed predict the gender of your baby. Even if it isn?t the most reliable method, it can be fun to consider your pregnancy symptoms in relation to your baby?s gender while you wait for a more reliable method, such as an ultrasound, to tell you with more certainty what the gender of your baby will be. One pregnancy symptom that has been connected with the gender of your baby has to do with cravings. It is thought that, if you are craving sweets like chocolate, that the gender of your baby will be female. In contrast, your baby would be a boy if you are craving sour things, such as raw lemon juice. Unfortunately, many women crave a combination of things that can be both sweet and sour, making it harder to predict the gender of your baby from this symptom. Another pregnancy symptom that is thought to predict the gender of your baby is acne. If you break out in severe acne, it is predicted that you will have a girl. If your acne is mild, then you will have a boy. The most common pregnancy symptom, morning sickness, may be able to be used to predict the gender of your baby as well. If you are severely sick, you will be having a boy. Otherwise, you will be having a girl. Some people think that the timing of morning sickness is able to predict the gender of your baby, too, with morning sickness in the morning being a boy and morning sickness at night being a girl. Hair growth is another pregnancy symptom that can predict the gender of your baby. If you are having a boy, you should watch out because you are more likely to grow body hair during pregnancy. Conversely, if you are having a girl, you should not expect to grow body hair during pregnancy.

Krish g answer on 28 Jun '12 at 14:21

At this stage 3 weeks you will not know that you are pregnant, but your body will. Your body starts to produce a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadtrophin (HCG) which you will be able to detect in your urine in a week or so, if you take a home pregnancy test. HCG encourages the ovaries to continue to produce progesterone, preventing your body from shedding the lining of your uterus. Your immune system becomes suppressed so your body wont reject your baby as a foreign object, which is why pregnant women are susceptible to any bugs and colds going around. Your ovaries will continue to produce progesterone for about 7 weeks, until the placenta takes over. Progesterone is to blame for many of the pregnancy side effects and pregnancy symptoms you will feel ? for example the tingling sensation in your breasts and your tender nipples that you will probably start to notice in the next couple of weeks. It also enables your baby to feed from deposits of glycogen. But that?s not all. Progesterone is also responsible for the extra fat your body starts to store. It helps to relax smooth muscle thus preventing premature labour, but it also causes constipation, nausea, reflux, and indigestion. Exciting times ahead! Your Baby So you made love last night with your partner ? are you pregnant? Probably not, well not yet anyway. It takes a little while for the sperm to swim to your egg and break through the egg?s outer shell. Out of the 300 million or so of the sperm released by your partner, only one will fertilise your egg ? and at that moment of fertilistion, your child?s genetic make-up has been decided ? including the love of your baby. The gender of your baby is determined by your partner?s single successful sperm, which will contain either a male chromosome or female chromosome. As soon as the egg is penetrated, it starts to rapidly divide. What may surprise you is that an egg is usually fertilised in the fallopian tube. The fertilised egg is swept along the fallopian tubes and down into the uterus (womb) and attaches itself to the uterine wall (implantation). During its journey of around six or seven days, your egg has been continually dividing and is now a cluster of about 100 cells, and is known as a blastocyst.

Krish g answer on 20 Aug '12 at 12:36

our baby should be in position with his or her head on your pelvic bone. The lanugo is continuing to shed as this week comes and goes. If you haven?t given birth, your baby is continuing to grow. He or she could be up to 20 inches in length (normally they are between 17-20 inches by this week) and weighing close to or just over 7 lbs. All of your baby?s organs have matured (except for the brain and lungs) and are functioning on their own. The brain and lungs continue to develop and mature after childbirth and into childhood. A major and new development during this 38th week is that the tear ducts begin to form. The gender can easily be identified now, as the love organs have fully matured. Expectant parents who do not wish to know the gender of the baby before childbirth will definitely need to resist looking at the ultrasounds now. Your baby is reacting to sounds, clenching his or her fists, and preparing for childbirth. It is said that girls are smaller than boys and rest lower in the abdomen, but every pregnancy is unique.

Sreeram answer on 21 Apr '15 at 06:35

I have five month pregnant what's my baby gender