I came off my period wednesday is it risky to have ..?

I came off my period wednesday is it risky to have unprotected love tomorrow

Hannah asked on 26 Nov '17 at 21:54

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Rosy s. answer on 03 Sep '12 at 05:22

11 and 14 r risky days....depending on your cycle you must have ovulated around that...if it was unprotected love...then you might get pregnant....wait for your periods if u miss then get a test...

Zie answer on 02 Sep '12 at 04:40

Me and my boyfriend were thinking about it. We have a problem, too. He absolutely hates condoms and I'm not to crazy about them either (who is?). I plan on getting implanon in a several months as a new form of birth control, though. We really wish we can just have unprotected love and not have to worry about pregnancy, but obviously, that's impossible. We won't do anything that's risky. I've heard that it's safe to have unprotected love on your period, so I've been researching the heck out of that for the past hour. I've been to lots of different sites. I'm seeing a lot of different things though too, and that doesn't help much. So far I am seeing majority though that it's very unlikely, but still possible. I saw that day 1 and 2 are the safest days. I really don't know if I should risk it, though. Is it safe to try on day 1, or would you say it's just best not to even try and it's too risky? :/ Thanks to all that answer.