mera 2 month ho gaya hai khali karneka hai to uska ..?

mera 2 month ho gaya hai khali karneka hai to uska upay batyao

Monika patil asked on 26 Nov '17 at 05:57

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Mom 4 answer on 09 May '11 at 17:01

I have a scale that not only measures fat but water as well. I noticed that I was starting to retain alot of water, and 2 days later I had what seemed to be an unusual amount of saliva. Soon after (like a few more days) I started to feel sick and achy all over. At this point I hadn't even missed my cycle. I decided to go out and buy both regular and digital tests. The regular one only showed 1 dark line, and the other I had to really look for like a ghost line. I thought it was just my imagination, so I waited until the next morning to take the other regular test with my first morning urine. But same thing, only this time, the other line was more like a shadow. The next day (which now would've been 5 days before my missed period) I decided to take the digital, and it read clear as day, PREGNANT! I called my doc took another urine test and also a blood test. They called that night to tell me congratulations. I was still 3 days before my missed period. I was literally only 3 weeks along. Now I am 37 weeks. It was a great thing to find out so early, but it has made for a super long pregnancy. LOL!

Dee s answer on 09 May '11 at 17:01

A "chemical pregnancy" is just another term for an early miscarriage. Many times this happens without the woman even knowing she is pregnant. Usually the reason for this is because of abnormalities with the developing fetus or due to the embryo not implanting properly within the womb lining itself. Your doctor will probably advise you to wait for 2 - 3 months before trying again to conceive as it can take a while for your hormone level to return to its normal level. Usually it takes longer if you miscarry further along. So given the fact that you were only a few weeks along it should only be a week or two. Try not to worry.... it is perfectly normal and happens more often than a lot of people realise as it often occurs very early on after conception and most people assume it is their period but a little late. I have had this happen myself and have gone on to have a perfectly healthy baby since then so it does not mean that anything is wrong with you. Hope this helps and good luck =)

~*mama-of-two*~ answer on 09 May '11 at 17:30

missed period, regular pms symptoms...moodiness, cramping, fatigue. around 2 months the morning sickness and sore breasts would start. go get a blood test if you're still worried.

Weesy! answer on 09 May '11 at 17:30

--- --- The first one is about the short term disability and the second is info on the FMLA. Each employer has their own forms though so you may want to contact your HR dept. for the proper forms. I am 34 weeks and my last day is the 28th of Dec. I just filled these 2 forms out myself. My company goes through a certain financial group for the short term disability that they had to file the claim through. As for the FMLA, I signed a customized form that my company made for themselves. Every company is different so I don't think you can find a universal form for either of these two, but hopefully this info on these forms could help.

Bayla :) answer on 09 May '11 at 17:44

i'm pretty sure it won't. cause i had my baby on may 13th, i thought i was pregnant within those 6 weeks after birth and it showed i wasn't. i was told by a few people and doctors also that it takes around 2 weeks for the hormones to fully get out of your system.