what does mean if report says placenta, lower segment, ..?

what does mean if report says placenta, lower segment, 22mm away from the os maturity grade 1

Him asked on 19 Aug '17 at 09:08

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Shein answer on 20 Aug '17 at 11:51

it can mean that you have a low lying placenta .... but it all depends upon when you did your ultrasound if its around 22 weeks you still have time and things will get better ... for more details or in case of any bleeding consult your gynecologist.

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Krish g answer on 26 Jul '12 at 02:15

If a woman is pregnant and bleeding, with or without pain, she should call her doctor for further instruction. Bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy may signify either a miscarriage (or a threatened miscarriage), an ectopic pregnancy, or may be due to implantation bleeding. If one is experiencing a miscarriage (or a threatened miscarriage) one will usually always have bleeding associated with uterine cramping. There may also be passage of large clots from the vagina. If this is happening one should definitely seek care at the doctors office or the local ER if after hours. Once you?re pregnant, your body starts creating a hormone called hCG, which puts a stop to your cycle. You still may experience bleeding, though -- about 20 to 30 percent of women do during early pregnancy. Some common causes are implantation bleeding (light spotting that happens 6 to 12 days after conception and lasts anywhere from a few hours to a few days),

Emma . answer on 30 Jul '12 at 10:28

i did not actually get your question...do you mean you actually had a miscarriage ??...if yes den the pregnancy test can come positive cause of old pregnancy....but if you have missed your periods since 14th june than get a urine test done for confirmation of pregnancy.

Emma . answer on 30 Jul '12 at 10:39

Hi Georgia, dont freak out...its not necessary that you will get pregnant, the chances are that you may be actually suffering from an vaginal infection that caused the bleeding after love. Implantation bleeding does not occur just after love but at the time of implantation that is around 10 days to 2 weeks after conception. So dont worry much just go and see your physician.

Emma . answer on 30 Jul '12 at 11:04

First of all Emily stop worrying yourself too much,get a good diet. Most of the symptoms you described do sound like pregnancy.. By now you must have got your results , do share with us when ever you like.

Emma . answer on 01 Aug '12 at 07:19

hi Ellie, you are just too much stressed out...dont do it ...keep yourself calm and happy...nothings going wrong with you..if you stress so much, that can also delay your periods due to hormonal imbalance...so keep happy n wait for your due date...