what does mean if report says placenta, lower segment, ..?

what does mean if report says placenta, lower segment, 22mm away from the os maturity grade 1

Him asked on 19 Aug '17 at 09:08

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Shein answer on 20 Aug '17 at 11:51

it can mean that you have a low lying placenta .... but it all depends upon when you did your ultrasound if its around 22 weeks you still have time and things will get better ... for more details or in case of any bleeding consult your gynecologist.

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Emma . answer on 04 Aug '12 at 15:57

hi, lauren you do have a complicated history ...your off from birth control ..give your body some time to regularize your periods ...my advice would be take an ultrasound lower abdomen just to see if everythings normal...if you dont want then just concentrate on a diet n healthy lifestyle ...be positive you will find results...

Rosy s. answer on 06 Aug '12 at 16:39

hi, without unprotected love its very unlikely that you can get pregnant...sometimes periods do get delayed naturally ...dont worry wait till next week...still delayed then take a test to be sure...

Krish g answer on 09 Aug '12 at 02:35

Usually unprotected loveual contact just before the periods carries less risk of pregnancy if the periods are regular.The periods can be delayed due to various reasons as hormonal fluctuation,stress,anxiety,drug intake if any etc. The periods might start soon but if thay do not start even after a week then get a Urine test done for pregnancy determnation.

Emma . answer on 09 Aug '12 at 09:00

hi rebecca, if your planning for a pregnancy then its good...any ways you dont have to panick...i guess its more of suspicion that are causing these symptoms...just relax and wait for your periods..look for implantation bleeding in between this time dats a definite sign of pregnancy...sometimes it does take time to get a positive test when its early ...after your date wait for a week then take a test....

Emma . answer on 09 Aug '12 at 09:33

yes its quite possible, you need to take care about all the precautions for keeping clean to avoid any infections, proper diet and medicines...you do have a higher risk of pre mature birth cause of which you might not have a normal delivery so as of now just keep a track and stay healthy...