what does mean if report says placenta, lower segment, ..?

what does mean if report says placenta, lower segment, 22mm away from the os maturity grade 1

Him asked on 19 Aug '17 at 09:08

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Shein answer on 20 Aug '17 at 11:51

it can mean that you have a low lying placenta .... but it all depends upon when you did your ultrasound if its around 22 weeks you still have time and things will get better ... for more details or in case of any bleeding consult your gynecologist.

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Emma . answer on 04 Aug '12 at 13:53

HI, assuming you dont have any medical problems the best you can do is regularize your lifestyle and take healthy diet, keep away from alcohol and smoking, be happy and positive ...if you are overweight you can do yoga or exercises to maintain your weight..good luck

Emma . answer on 04 Aug '12 at 14:16

HI, jose ...me being a gal with a strict father ...i guess you let her do it...its obvious he will be angry...so be prepared for it..with you he will get more angry....try to do it together.meanwhile think what your gonna do after the baby comes...tell him your plans ...prepare for it...make him understand your going to handle the situation together and take care of her. Admit your mistake and make him believe that you are mature enough to handle it...hope things go well...i don know if i should say this...watch JUNO(MOVIE) IF IT HELPS...

Emma . answer on 04 Aug '12 at 15:04

hi jessica, its possible that you can be pregnant...for info...Implantation bleeding occurs around 6 -12 days after love..if that helps...and after periods you do have a lot of chance of ovulating if your cycle is around 28days or so...in pregnancy u may experience earliest symptoms around 4weeks...as of now dont stress jus wait for your periods n then take the test..

Emma . answer on 04 Aug '12 at 15:24

HI. Farhat...if you have irregular periods by medicines it can be regularized...as far as tubal blockage is concerned only 1 is blocked so with the other ovary there is chance of getting pregnant...dont loose hope jus keep trying...be positive ...take good diet, keep away from alcohol n smoking,maintain a healthy lifestyle you will surely concieve..:)...even for tubal blockage there are medical solutions though little painfull and time taking but ppl do get pregnant even then so be positive n tc...

Emma . answer on 04 Aug '12 at 15:57

hi, lauren you do have a complicated history ...your off from birth control ..give your body some time to regularize your periods ...my advice would be take an ultrasound lower abdomen just to see if everythings normal...if you dont want then just concentrate on a diet n healthy lifestyle ...be positive you will find results...