I had two kids.BT my 2nd kid was died.BT I got family ..?

I had two kids.BT my 2nd kid was died.BT I got family planning also.NW I thnk to get another baby.so please give me suggestion to get pregnant.

Kavi asked on 11 Jul '17 at 12:51

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Uma answer on 12 Jul '17 at 08:49

Im sorry kavi.... for your loss... agar 2nd kid ki kisi birth defect ki vajah se death hui hai toh genetic counseller se mile try karne se pehle ... otherwise gynecologist ( maternity) doctor se mil kar nasbandhi khulva le aur age ki salah le ...

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Anastasia beaverhousen answer on 09 May '11 at 18:42

After the 6 weeks they CAN deploy you. They don't care about new babies. That's what family care plans are for. It's a shi*ty reg but if they didn't want to deploy women after pregnancy, they wouldn't let them in the military.

Jackie m answer on 10 May '11 at 03:10

I could spend all night telling you about teenage pregnancies. i will shorten it - if you are a teenage parent you have made a life long commitment to that child from a younger age than most other people, you will not have had a good education you will never have any money, the child wont get the things you would have been able to give them if you had waited until you had finished your education and got a good career, when the child is older you have already shown them how to be a teenage mum and they will go and do the same - would you want that for your child? - No you will always want the best for them. Its not all about lovely babies and ribbons and bows it is about not having the life you should have had, being a teenager and having your life to plan you future. In most cases the children of teenage parents go on to make the same mistake themselves.

*laura* answer on 10 May '11 at 09:38

I blame parenting (if the kids' parents were paying enough attention to them they wouldn't have the chance to "make a baby",and if they were honest with their children their children would feel more comfortable talking to them about wanting/needing birth control/another contraceptive,they'd know how important contraceptives are,an they'd know the dangers of love. I also blame the schools for not having love ed,but it's not the school's responsibility to teach these children about love,it's the parent's. love ed is a good thing,but if the schools aren't teaching it the parents need to. I also blame media,because everything/anything anymore is around/based off of love,and love sells,and these girls see that. If they didn't feel like they have the role models that sold love left and right most of them wouldn't even find it necessary to start having love at a young enough age to be able to plan a pregnancy at 15 and 16. Overexposure.

Leesa t answer on 10 May '11 at 10:03

I had a baby last year 37.5 weeks along still born (cord knot) then I had 3 miscariges. Now I'm 24 weeks along. I agree the 1st 12 weeks is ruff. But to be honest it does not ever get easy. You'll never get to be like other pregnant women who are carefree and get to complain about how pregnancy sucks. You'll charish each day of your pregnancy and when you go to the doc. even for a regular check up you'll prepare yourslef to hear "I'm sorry there's no heartbeat." But after your 12 weeks each week gets better. I knew in my heart I was going to have baby no matter what! So get your hopes up expect good things to happen to you look at what all the preg. women you know and see each day and remeber that that's possible for you to. What your expericening now is antiscipitry greif. It's that thinking "if I don't get attached it won't hurt as much." But you will be attached anyway (literrally) the baby is a living part of your body. There's a reason the windshield of your car is so big and the rear view mirror is so small. Because where you are going is much more important than where you've been. So go for it all the way don't hold back. I'm glad looking back that I got my hopes up for all the babies I carried even this one. The Bible says hope does not disappoint us! Your stronger than you know! Live without regret! I would tell myslef if this baby does not make it I will not love it any less, I won't hold back my heart. It's gonna be hard anyway, there will be a lot of fear anyway you don't get to choose that part, but you can choose who you will be anyway! Come what may you'll have a baby soon tell yourself that and believe it. Your words matter, you know nations go to war over words! The Bible says "life and death lie in the power of your tounge. Speack words of positivity and declear what you want for yourslef. If you believe in your heart that you can have it then it's already yours. I'm not telling you this cause I feel like preaching I'm telling you this because it works and because I do everyday. You think it's easy to walk around knowing I could make it to 37 weeks with a healthy baby and he could still die. Sure I think about it all the time, but I refuse to be paralizedor held emotionally hostiage by fear. The worst HAS already happen to me and I'm still here so why whimp out now! keep going you'll make it. Plan for the best and expect the best!

Krish answer on 24 Nov '11 at 15:31

Before starting planning for pregnancy, It is necessary to have some useful information regarding pregnancy like your body, periods and health.  Go through useful information given in this website to understand all about pregnancy and complication arises because of it.

Menstruation is a monthly cyclic, physiological shedding of internal lining of uterine cavity due to invisible interplay of female hormones. In simple terms, it is a regular monthly bleeding which a woman experiences. The first menstruation occurs usually at the age of 12 ? 15 years. It is also called as ?menarche?. Fertilization is a process of meeting (after mating) of the sperm with a mature egg. It begins with sperm egg collision and ends with a formation of life called zygote (single mononucleotide cell mass). The ovum immediately following ovulation is picked up by the fibril end of the fallopian tube and is rapidly transported to the ampullary part of the tube. The fertile period is period around ovulation, during which if relations are kept, the chances of pregnancy are high. In order to improve the chances of pregnancy, it is important to understand how to calculate the fertile period.

Finding out you are pregnant is one of the most exciting times of your life, even if you have been preparing for it for some time. Once you have confirmed your pregnancy you can check out some of the common complaints you may suffer from over the coming months and also ways of managing morning sickness. Possible First sign of pregnancy is absence of periods.

When you're pregnant, certain medical conditions can be dangerous for you and your developing baby, but you might not even be aware of some of these potential health risks. So, it's important to have a thorough medical exam before you become pregnant. The world Pregnancy Association offers this list of potential risk factors:

  • Diabetes and high blood pressure should be diagnosed and well-controlled before pregnancy.
  • Anemia can trigger symptoms of weakness and fatigue. A complete blood count (CBC) is used to measure factors including hemoglobin, red and white blood cell count, and platelet appearance.
  • A test measuring thyroid-stimulating hormone can help determine if your thyroid is overactive or underactive. Either condition could pose risks for you and the developing baby.
  • You should always be checked for loveually transmitted diseases before you become pregnant.