Mera period 12 march ko aaya tha tb 1 din rha fir 8 ..?

Mera period 12 march ko aaya tha tb 1 din rha fir 8 april ko hlka na k brabr period aaya ek bund itna to iska kya mtlb kya mujhme koi garbari h

Shivansh asked on 10 Apr '17 at 05:07

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Emma . answer on 29 Nov '12 at 18:09

HI, you did not say if it was protected or unprotected love...your period might be late....wait for another week or next week get a test..... sometimes it comes negative when its this early...

Emma . answer on 30 Nov '12 at 02:53

Did you check for any implantation bleeding around 6-12 days ...its kind of brownish dicharge which is very can only get pregnant in periods if you ovulated just after your periods ...cause sperms can live around a week inside the uterus...if you have a 28 days cycle then you will have ovulated around 14 vry less chance..

Emma . answer on 30 Nov '12 at 02:58

HI, you were on bc pills...cramping can be a side effect dont worry..its not necessary that you will get pregnant..i guess your pill will be working fine if your still taking it regularly...doctors say to wait a week after taking pills...5 days is not bad...still your confused wait till your next period date...or atleast 2 weeks then get a blood test or ultrasound to confirm...

Rosy s. answer on 01 Dec '12 at 14:11

HI, most probably she is not pregnant....depending on length of her cycle she might get her periods....if its around a month then next month around 8th...

Rosy s. answer on 04 Dec '12 at 14:18

its possible...track down your menstrual date and see if you miss your periods than get tested....