Mene ajj love to uske 15 baad oeriod start ho gye but ..?

Mene ajj love to uske 15 baad oeriod start ho gye but abhi time pda tha periods mein

Inder asked on 07 Apr '17 at 12:15

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Inder answer on 07 Apr '17 at 12:16

love kiya tha

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Emma . answer on 12 Sep '12 at 12:42

hi, i guess your not pregnant...cause even in pregnancy you may have sore boobs but you dont have just wait for your periods it may will only get pregnant if during night you had conceived before taking the pill....

Krish g answer on 16 Sep '12 at 18:26

you had love after ovulation and you know this, then the chances of you getting pregnant are slim. As far as I know, the egg is viable for only maybe 24 hrs after ovulation. The best time to conceive is to have love before ovulation, as the sperm, which survives longer 3-5 days, will be waiting for the egg. It is possible to get pregnant in other parts of the cycle but this still depends upon ovulation. It is possible to get pregnant if you have love during a period because the sperm will have survived high in the vagina for about 5 days and then you could be fertilized when ovulation has taken place. Ovulation is meant to happen half way though a 28-day cycle, so this is 14 days. If your cycle is longer you need to count back 14 days from the first day of your period to predict ovulation.

Krish g answer on 17 Sep '12 at 02:29

Newer home pregnancy tests detect very small amounts of hCG, some as low as 5 mIU/L. With these very sensitive tests, it is possible to test positive as early as seven days past ovulation. It is important to remember that implantation occurs anywhere from seven to ten days past ovulation and women produce varying amounts of hCG, eventually forming a pattern of doubling hCG amounts every two to three days. While it is possible to test positive as early as seven days past ovulation, there is also a good chance that implantation has not occurred yet or that you are not producing hCG at a high enough level to be detected by a home pregnancy test. For best results, it is still recommended to wait until a woman has missed her period or 14 days past ovulation.

Krish g answer on 17 Sep '12 at 02:42

If your period comes... you are not pregnant.

Priya answer on 17 Sep '12 at 05:19

hi kay, without unprotected love it can be only by chance that you may be pregnant....with condoms i agree there is 2% chance only if it gets ripped off ...if condom is intact then you wont be pregnant ...your throwing up can be stomach upset...take a test any ways that will clear your doubts...stop worrying that will delay your periods more..if its just irregular then your periods will come sooner or later....goodluck..