Maine Unwanted Kit Li H,mjhe Bleeding Ho Gyi H,mai ..?

Maine Unwanted Kit Li H,mjhe Bleeding Ho Gyi H,mai Future Me Pregnant Hona Chau To Koi Prblm To Nhi Hogi,plz Hindi Me Btaye

Sana asked on 04 Apr '17 at 10:22

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John wharton answer on 02 Feb '15 at 02:18

you can check the status of pregnancy with pregnancy test or you can wait for 2 to 3 weeks more as bleeding or period may come at this time. This happen due to some hormonal changes in the body as you have take contraceptive pill unwanted 72. ---

Deepa answer on 31 Jul '15 at 11:30

hello, i had consumed unwanted kit pills before one week & also i got 2 days continue bleeding but today is the 7th day , i am confused like anything because i am feeling like im pregnant & abortion was happened properly so what can i do now , beacause my breasts are getting very harder & my low abdominal part is swelling....i am confused pls help me..

Same_usa answer on 16 Sep '16 at 12:30

Buy MTP KIT - MTP Kit is also known as Caam Kit and is used to terminate unwanted and unwelcomed pregnancy up to 63 days of your fertilization period. This product is very effective as one can also used this in home. MTP kit basically contains 5 tablets in which one tablet is of Mifepristone which is of 200 mg and four tablets are of Misoprostol each of 200mcg in composition. There are instructions to use in every pack. Read those instructions carefully before using this Kit. First you have to take a Mifepristone tablet and just put it under your tongue (don?t swallow it) because this tablet is administered to take orally. Later within 2-3 days you have to take Misoprostol Tablets if bleeding not occurs and these tablets are administered to take vaginally. You can also buy this kit online. Buying online is very cost effective and cheaper in rate. There are also advantages like privacy and safety of buying online. But the important point that should be kept in mind while buying online is always buy from a registered medical website or FDA approved site . The reason behind this is many times the medicines are expired on unregistered sites and that could effects your afterwards result. There are some sides effects which are common, in case they happen don?t panic because they are meant to be. Nausea, headache, vomiting and other vascular disorders could arise after taking these pills. Bleeding is also a side effect of these pills but bleeding of 7 days is fine but in case if it remains more than 7 days then you should consult your doctor. Incomplete abortion is also a major side effect of this Kit. To confirm this you should go for ultrasound option. And take a follow up visit after 1 -2 weeks to confirm that termination occurs successfully. ---

Sindhu answer on 24 Oct '16 at 17:18

Hi I m 1 month pregnancy I took 1 dose tablet unwanted kit afther we change plane no need to abord. Afther 5 days lite bleeding I need my baby

Gyanendra pratap answer on 23 Apr '17 at 04:26

Maine apni gf se 18 february ko love kiya tha but wo pregnant h 2 month ho gye h. Unwanted 72 kit bhi diya but bleeding nhi hui sir bataiye kya kre plz....