Since three months my period is irregular it comes ..?

Since three months my period is irregular it comes late 10days each month. Now I want to be pregnant. But not happening. So please suggest me what I must do. People say to me take Hempushpa syrup.

Tanu chandra asked on 27 Mar '17 at 03:52

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Dawn answer on 09 May '11 at 21:06

well, since i have a very irregular cycle, i noticed I was getting VERY bad pre-period symptoms: the seriously sensitive/tender breasts, cramping, bloating, fatigue...they were just extremely amplified. This had happened to me once before (feeling the symptoms as I was,) and I got my period...which ended up being a really heavy period. So, I thought that the same thing was happening this time. However, after 2-3 weeks with nothing happening I decided to take a pregnancy test and got a BFP! I was not really ready for the BFP, and was hoping it was wrong at first (long issues...) but I'm 6 months pregnant now, and I am so excited! I never had morning sickness but I DID have quite a bit of nausea my 1st three months (which happened along with the severe pre-period like symptoms). Hope this helps! ^^

Icare answer on 09 May '11 at 22:02

This is tricky because usually a pregnancy test will give a positive reading just about 11 days after fertilisation of the ovum, but in your case, if you never get periods, you need to get checked out to see if you are actually ovulating at all. Birth control pills don't give you real periods ( i.e. based on a normal hormonal cycle of ovulation, and then shedding of a non-pregnant uterine lining). With birth control pills your body is conned into thinking it is pregnant so that you don't get pregnant! You then get a 'bleed' when you stop taking it. Natural hormones of all kinds are the 'messengers' used by your body to control all kinds of functions. The love hormones are the messengers that tell your ovaries and your uterus when to do what they are supposed to do. Birth control pills are artificial messengers which cause artificial symptoms. Women are sometimes prescribed birth control pills to reduce their menstrual flow if their periods are particularly troublesome, heavy and painful. If your own hormones are out of balance to the degree that you don't get periods at all, I think it is highly unlikely that you would be ovulating, and therefore the chances that you could become pregnant are virtually nil. Even girls with irregular periods sometimes have difficulty getting pregnant. Having said that, it only takes one egg and one sperm to make a baby! Please go back to whoever prescribes your birth control pills and tell them what is happening with your body. I'm surprised that you were prescribed birth control pills when you don't have periods. Don't leave these things to chance. It may be that you need altogether different treatment and that these pills are causing you symptoms you shouldn't be having. It sounds like your body is confused and needs some help. Artificial hormones are very powerful - they can make men grow breasts and women grow beards!

Mindy w answer on 09 May '11 at 22:29

First let me explain why I disagree with your "fertile days". 1) If you have an irregular period no one knows when you are going to ovulate including some ovulation chart. 2) Even if you had a regular period, your cycle is 28 days long according to what you posted. Based on a 28 day cycle you would ovulate 12-16 days BEFORE your period starts. It is a mistake to count forward from the beginning of your last period. The time between the start of your period and the time you ovulate is the follicular phase and it can vary greatly. THe accurate way to count is backwards because every woman has a similar luteal phase (the time between ovulation adn the start of your next period). Like I said before, it's 12-16 days for the luteal phase with a pretty strong average of 14 days. So based on all of that if you are experiencing another 28 day cycle you would expect your next period on November 27th about and you would ovulate on the 13th about. BUT since you do not have regular cycles it coudl be much later but highly doubtful that it woud be sooner because a cycle shorter than 26 days or so isn't very common. SO my guess is no, doubt you will get pregnant this month.

SE answer on 09 May '11 at 23:42

Every woman is different. I had no symptoms at all until week 11, but some women seem to know within a few days. The first sign to look for is an unusually light 'period' (implantation bleeding) or a missed period. But...if your periods are irregular like mine, it might take longer for you to notice. For me, the symptoms were: knock-me-on-my-@$$ fatigue and feeling like I had PMS, but without having a period - headache, diarrhea, cramping, etc. This started around week 11 and lasted through week 13. I was extremely lucky and completely missed out on morning sickness. Some women have symptoms right away; others don't. Wait until it's time for you to have a period. If you miss it, or if it's more than a few days late, do a pregnancy test.

Kimberly c answer on 10 May '11 at 01:58

Implantation occurs 6-10 days after conception (which could be up to 5 days after love, depending on when you ovulate) and hormone is released right after the fertilized egg implants. So I'd say about two weeks. If your periods are irregular, I'm going to assume that you don't know when you're ovulating if you're ovulating at all. If you had a period the last week of January, I'm going to say that you could take a test at the end of next week at the earliest, since you probably won't get your period until the week after that. You could test earlier but you might get a negative reading if you are pregnant. Good luck!