My gf is pregnent in 20 days Plz help for aborsion

My gf is pregnent in 20 days Plz help for aborsion

Rajiv asked on 27 Mar '17 at 03:37

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Salayna answer on 09 May '11 at 22:58

yeah thats not a good idea. or the ones who get pregnant to tie them down..they should be in my shoes... we didn't get pregnant for the wrong reasons to my knowledge and i am four months pregnant the father cheated with a girl who was suppose tp be his best friends gf and she was suppose to be my best friend and he broke up with me they didn't work out she ran back to her guy he showed up on my pourch and we have a 2yr. and he's the only other man i ever introduced to my son. he lives with me although we arten't together but why do these women set themselves up for disaster... the ones who don't get it handed to them for no reason.. so ones who get pregnant to save a relationship or lie to save it are in need of help. i am still happy to be pregnant bc i was running out of time to have another child due to severe cervical cancer and if he wants to miss out whatever i'm not the one who ripped his heart out and girls that desperate really don't love their man or a baby (if they got pregnant) they purposely get pregnant with knowing there relationship isn't stable.mine seemed to be very good and he even agreed he was just an asshole.

Priya answer on 09 Feb '13 at 16:02

 Yes, if she is in her fertile stages of her cycle..... ...cause she took i pill just next day after the intercourse your gf  have good chances of not getting pregnant... 

Saiveera answer on 11 Feb '14 at 18:43

How can you use such ruthless and awful word as destroy?. Do you have a heart? you are also a human being right not a beast? Did you even think for a minute how lucky you are that this didn't happen to you when you were in your mother's womb. If your mother destroyed you when you were in her womb then this baby in your GF's womb would not have been destroyed by you. How can you contemplate such terrible thought. Why have love and get your girl friend pregnant when you are not ready to have a baby and take the responsibility. Why don't you take proper precautions. Why don't you to lead a life that is morally & ethically right? How many babies do want to kill for you sensual pleasures? Do you have a conscious and a heart? Are you not a human being? Do you know that abortion means killing a baby that is yet to be born. You may think that you are having a great time and lot of enjoyment now but remember you will have to suffer & face consequences in future for your actions now. Why do want to accumulate so much bad karma. Pls read all my responses and messages on this matter before you decide to take this drastic step. If you search for saiveera in the search box all my responses for users questions on this topic will... show up. I hope you got a chance to read all my messages on the subject and took proper decision that is ethically & morally right and the decision that you can live peacefully with for the rest... of your lives. If you are stlll not sure, consult with gynecologist before doing anything drastic

Saiveera answer on 11 Feb '14 at 18:54

You put a baby's picture above your name and want to destroy another baby in your GF's womb? Ask yourself these questions.. Am I in the right state of mind? Will I be able live with this decision for the rest of my life or lives if two of you are involved? Do you have a right to abort a life created by God? These questions you need ask yourself, Carefully go through my previous answers to questions on such subjects and do the sensible and right thing. Why don't you find something better and meaningful in life to do instead of destroying babies and spoiling innocent girls lives?

Frank geth answer on 26 Jul '12 at 03:45

I don't know for sure. So, on 21st May we had a protective love, I used a condom and I c**ed into it. We did it again after 15 minutes, but somehow the condom felt unconfortable to me so i took it off. Then we had a petting,a heavy one with my penis rubbed her vagina. but it did not reach the labia minora. I did it not until a minute and I didnt c**. Fortunately she got her period, twice in two months. The last one was on 1st july. I guess it was normal period with a heavy flowing and lasted for a week. But now my gf feels like her belly is getting bigger and yes she is afraid of pregnancy. I told her she never missed her period, a least for two months. So, how likely is she pregnant?? Anyone has a story about having heavy bleeding during pregnancy??please share :)