Unwanted 21 days kaisa use kara jo period ho jaya ..?

Unwanted 21 days kaisa use kara jo period ho jaya please please help me please XXXXX

Raj asked on 30 Jan '17 at 09:20

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Saiveera answer on 31 Jan '17 at 18:02

How many babies do want to kill for you sensual pleasures? Do you have a conscious and a heart? Are you not a human being? Do you know that abortion means killing a baby that is yet to be born. You may think that you are having a great time and lot of enjoyment now but remember you will have to face consequences in future for your actions now. Why do want to accumulate so much bad karma. Pls use proper precaution to prevent pregnancy. Read my previous responses on how to protect yourself from getting pregnant.

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Cuteee answer on 09 May '11 at 19:10

that isnt true . . you can NEVER be pregnant when you are not ovulating . . you cant form a baby only with sperm!! gosh . . im lmao with the first answer ehehhehe . . its unsual to be pregnant when you are having you period . . . use protection next time to avoid unwanted pregnancy and come on guys! you cant have periods when you are pregnant!! if you are pregnant and having discharges you must go to the doctor and have yourself check!

Krish g answer on 10 Sep '12 at 01:40

Pregnancy can occur from intercourse that takes place during a period. This is because sperm can live in the body for up to five days, and if a woman ovulates soon after her period, then conception could take place from intercourse that occurred during her period. A woman who wants to get pregnant should know her ovulation day and it will help her get prepared for conception better. Otherwise, if a woman does not want to get pregnant, knowing her ovulation day will help her prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Most women do not know their ovulation day (luteal phase length) and this may result in the situation when a woman wants to get pregnant, but cannot do it for years. Naturally, it makes her undergo an expensive examination in a specialized clinic. Actually, the problem in most cases is that intercourse most often took place on days when no conception is virtually possible because she did not know her ovulation day.

Emma . answer on 17 Sep '12 at 05:45

hi taylor, with precum its not 100% sure that any one will get pregnant....too much stressing can make you feel unwanted symptoms....just relax first cause stressing may delay your periods even more...those dots on your nipples well do suggest pregnancy so i would suggest you to stop panicking...untill you get tested stop thinking about it...wait for your periods for now...

Suman answer on 09 Feb '16 at 15:14

Ecee 2 . . Emergency contraceptive pill hai jaise ki unwanted 72. . Isse bar bar nahi lena hai sirf ek bar unprotected love ke baad, tin din ke andar lena hai . . Bar bar lene se periods irregular honsakte hain. . Aur agar lene ke dauran pregnant ho gaye toh bache par asar ho sakta hai. . Long term use ke liye dusra contraception method ya pill use kare . .

S.s. daspattanaik answer on 27 Nov '12 at 16:14

i am 28 years old and my mensuration period date is 12 of every month. but at last month (12/10/12) after my mensuration i had done loveual relation with my husband & also i have taken IPILL (contraseptic tablet) to prevent unwanted pregnency. after one month again i was doing loveual relation with my husband and also taken same pill within 72 hours, but unfortunately my periodic mensuration not done in right time (i.e on dated 27/11/12). so i had done a pregnency test with the help of PREGANEWS kit and the result is positive. so my question is whether it will right to birth the baby in healthy position or not ? what is the effect of the pill on my baby?