Mera oct mei period aaya tha n heavy flow tha 4th KO ..?

Mera oct mei period aaya tha n heavy flow tha 4th KO aaya n 10 the KO khatam hua.BT ish month 20 KO aaya n 3 days tha bt 1 drop jaisa hi gira n khatam hua.itna kam hua ki pad nai Lena para.n in two months se ghar pe hu to koi relatn v naj hua.

Anupam singh asked on 24 Nov '16 at 20:32

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Anupam singh answer on 24 Nov '16 at 20:34

Mein pregnant to nai hu na BT 3 months se kuch nai aisa hona nai chahiye.BT saase fulna n period wala pain thora hota h.

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Krish g answer on 04 Oct '12 at 02:17

Getting pregnant a month after All you need to do is to find them and then you're on your way to trying to get pregnant. childbirth is not impossible but because there is such a low percentage of ovulating during this short time period. More than likely you will not become pregnant. If you are breastfeeding then that lowers the chances even more because the hormone that is used for ovulating and for menstrual cycle's, goes towards producing breast milk. After a pregnancy, the body experiences three to eight weeks of bleeding. So around the tenth week ovulation will resume back to the normal cycle. That is why most doctors will subscribe a birth control method for you to begin after your final postpardum appointment. Because at anytime you may ovulate after the time period, so be very careful when having un-protected love. It is best to wait six months after having a child to concieve again, because of the risk and complications, such as miscarriage or preterm labor.

Krish g answer on 04 Oct '12 at 02:32

If you are trying to get pregnant its best to determine your most fertile days. Typically ovulation is 14-16 days following the first day of you last menstral period. The best times for intercourse or IVF are 1-2 days prior to ovulation. Also one day following ovulation. If not fertilized the egg will leave the body and he body will shed the cervical lining and restart the cycle

Emma . answer on 23 Nov '12 at 09:35

hi, sana i guess your pregnant cause scanty pinkish or brownish discharge may be implantation bleeding and it occurs around 6-12 days after intercourse..but if they have irregular flow like periods they can be irregular periods..

Emma . answer on 23 Nov '12 at 10:27

depending on what form of family planning methods your using ...every method has its own degree of risk even condoms have a 2% risk of just wait for your periods and see...

Emma . answer on 23 Nov '12 at 10:59

if the brownish discharge is implantation bleeding it occurs around 6-12 days after can be irregular periods if they come as your normal duration of periods..