Meri wife ki vagina chhoti hai main kya karu.

Meri wife ki vagina chhoti hai main kya karu.

Sunil kumar asked on 04 Aug '14 at 09:09

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Lovlly answer on 10 Nov '16 at 17:38

call me at XXXXXif any girl want something's

Lovlly answer on 10 Nov '16 at 17:37

call me at XXXXXif any girl want something's

Soheb answer on 08 Nov '16 at 15:56

Or badleme muje b wife chahiye bol he irada

Soheb answer on 08 Nov '16 at 15:53

Muje apni wife ko kisi or se chudwana he

RJ answer on 29 Oct '16 at 13:21

Mere pas bhej de badi kar dunga

Shubham answer on 02 Oct '16 at 07:00


Shubham answer on 02 Oct '16 at 07:00


Raj answer on 29 Sep '16 at 06:03

Mere pas lekar aa mai badi kar duga

Aman answer on 28 Sep '16 at 15:40

Number se apni wife ka main kar lunga

Aman answer on 28 Sep '16 at 15:38

Saale dale bc randi ke banche chut choti kismat walo ko milati hai chankhe gey saale uski kya galti bc

Amit answer on 22 Sep '16 at 13:56

Sale harmi question ka answer is tera date ho sale apni biwi aur bahan dalo to bata chale ga ki kasie chuti di h world m

Amit verma answer on 22 Sep '16 at 13:48

Mera penies ap tight nahi hota

Lundchand answer on 21 Sep '16 at 09:23

mere pass leya badi ho jayegi jhandu bam

Gautam answer on 03 Sep '16 at 23:35

paise daalo badi ho jaygi

Affcc answer on 30 Aug '16 at 05:42

Try regular love with toys

Annu_11185 answer on 26 Aug '16 at 17:33

choot choti nahi h pagle tera land hi chota hoga mere pas bhej de khus ho jayegi teri biwi bhi

Pratap s answer on 20 Aug '16 at 09:15

Apni wife ko GB Road par chhod de, 3 din baad choot ka chabutra ban jayega phir tu use le jakar. uski choot mai kursi dalkar baith ja.

Pratap s answer on 20 Aug '16 at 09:15

Apni wife ko GB Road par chhod de, 3 din baad choot ka chabutra ban jayega phir tu use le jakar. uski choot mai kursi dalkar baith ja.

Yash answer on 20 Aug '16 at 08:18

mere pas bhej de.. chod chod ke faila dunga.bc

Ravi kumar answer on 15 Aug '16 at 15:45

Tel laga kar dhoop me rakho.

Ram answer on 13 Aug '16 at 11:55

mere se chudwa le bari kar dunga

ID answer on 12 Aug '16 at 09:45


Quaker answer on 11 Aug '16 at 08:16

Too Chaat lyy bhai, Chot sb average size hoti hai, bss shape different hoti hain, fragile. Handle with care

Aashu answer on 08 Aug '16 at 08:03

apki wife ka pussy chota h to app use mujhe chodne mai chod chod k bara kr dunga

Ace answer on 05 Aug '16 at 19:13

BHenchood chut choti nahi hai tuze excite karne nahi aaya

Soni answer on 04 Aug '16 at 16:46


Mukesh answer on 04 Aug '16 at 16:36

Jam k chudai Kr uski lamba ho jyega

Bhola answer on 31 Jul '16 at 06:55

I hvevur complete solution plz contact XXXXX

Ak misha answer on 29 Jul '16 at 05:33

mere pas de bda ho jayega

Guddu answer on 24 Jul '16 at 16:39

Mujhe moka do

Satyam answer on 23 Jul '16 at 08:17

Kainchi se kaat do

Rudra pratap sinh answer on 12 Jun '16 at 10:20

Thik hai

Ravi answer on 03 Jun '16 at 15:59

HI how are you

answer on 18 May '16 at 17:16

Vegina chhoti nahi hoti lekin lagti zaroor he

Raj answer on 13 May '16 at 16:57

Bus kar lo re....

Vilas answer on 09 May '16 at 07:21

Sunil,there is noting like chotti aur badi in genital organ....depends at what you are looking at...

Rahulanand.lucky answer on 08 May '16 at 07:13

medical solutions lo

Rajan jaiwal answer on 23 Apr '16 at 06:18

Give to her a bigest L perfectly

Razia answer on 05 Apr '16 at 21:05

Ma kya karu

Priya answer on 14 Mar '16 at 03:47

Hi, Durex Play ko use kare ... turant asar dikhegaa.

Arun answer on 05 Mar '16 at 11:09

kuchh mat kro bs dhire dhire love kro jitna wo sah sake dhire dhire badi ho jayegi

Aman answer on 05 Feb '16 at 11:57

New shaddi kr le

Ajay answer on 03 Feb '16 at 13:47

Do regular love with your wife then it will be batter for you and her

Amam answer on 31 Jan '16 at 06:15

Regular aaeam aaram se love kro. Kisi tel ya vesleen k sath . Vo bdi ho jygi. .

mk answer on 05 Jan '16 at 18:58

illustrat karo..

Bijoy answer on 04 Jan '16 at 14:26

Meri girl frnd muje chor kar chala gei me kya karu

Deepak answer on 25 Dec '15 at 04:53

Ghanta bajao

Deepika answer on 24 Dec '15 at 15:16

Kitna badiya hai jo teri biwi ka hole chota hai badiya maja le . Yaha sab log bolte hai meri biwi ka hole bada hai .

Nadeem answer on 20 Dec '15 at 11:05

bhai love kr uske sath dba k

Ram-ban answer on 12 Nov '15 at 16:23

Wrong Hole !

Answers of Similar Question

Jeremiah_lee_42 answer on 09 May '11 at 20:51

I can tell you, with certainty, that it's possible to be pregnant 3 months after birth. My son is 12 months and 13 days younger than my daughter. My wife was breastfeeding, yet her fertility returned, and we got pregnant. If the test is positive, you're almost certainly pregnant. -- Let me tell you, the first year was tricky, but now that they're 2 and 3, they love playing with each other, and they have a wonderful relationship. It's not really harder than having one child, just more complicated. I had to do a lot more planning ahead.

Cam answer on 09 May '11 at 22:02

"Teenage pregnancies going up." That is a sweeping statement if ever there was one! I married my wife and our first child was born when she was 19; THAT's a teenage pregnancy. And is it proven statistical fact that teenage pregnancies are going up? And if so, what's the matter with that? "Asian" you say. Asia is a vast continent and there must be millions of teenage pregnancies there every year. Isn't it a biological fact that teenage girls, and teenage boys too, are at their most fertile stage in life, and that it is at that time in life that they are most likely to conceive. That is nature's way. There are too many strictures and too many judgements and too many rules being applied by other people to the perfectly natural function of loveual intercourse. . I repeat, teenage pregnancy is nature's way. Society must adjust to that.,

Mummy has me plus 3! answer on 09 May '11 at 23:42

I have a medical disorder that makes my BP low, and worse during pregnancy. The main thing your wife needs is to stay hydrated, drink lots and lots of water. Fluids keep the BP up. Eat every few hours. Small meals regularly. This will keep her energy levels up, and head clear. May sound a bit of a no no, but salt. Eat salty foods ( not too many!!) as this is good for low BP.

Expecting the best of life answer on 10 May '11 at 00:25

The BEST & SAFEST ever is to go for Natural Contraception. Don't have intercourse when the wife is ovulating. Whats ovulation? Go to a love consultant and let him explain u all. I personally never had pills....i was just scared of messing up my body. Trust me... its the best option u'll ever have. _

Noahs answer on 10 May '11 at 01:29

every pregnancy can be different! my wife really enjoyed her pregnancy and has been excited to get pregnant again but first she wants to spend as much time with our first son as she can! we are planning to try for #2 in January when our first will be 17 months so they will be at least 2 years apart! I see that alot of mommies out there miss being pregnant so they get pregnant again really fast and aren't able to enjoy their first born and regret it once the 2nd comes and wish they had waited a little longer.