agar...hame apne wife ko pregnant nahe karna to love ..?

agar...hame apne wife ko pregnant nahe karna to love kab karna chahiye.....plz day bataye..... form Anurag

Anurag verma asked on 11 Jul '14 at 07:58

7 Answers

Deepak answer on 06 Feb '16 at 07:07

Date 5 ko aati to kite din bad love karne chaye

Deepak answer on 06 Feb '16 at 07:03

Date 24 ko aatI hme ketne din bad love karne chaye ke pagent na ho

Deepak answer on 06 Feb '16 at 06:57

24 ko aati hai

Kama answer on 23 Dec '15 at 12:32

Ager hame apni wife ko pregrant nahi karna to love konse days kokare withaot condom

Reshubh answer on 20 Jun '15 at 08:24

kb love krne pe ladki pregnant ni hoti

Sanjay singh answer on 31 Mar '15 at 03:21

Mai lovey karta hu par condom nahi lagata hu aur mujhe mere dost ne batya ki sirf mc ke time nahi karna chahiye love baki time koi fark nahi padta hai pregnant nahi hogi na meri gf

Saiveera answer on 28 Jul '14 at 17:57

Looking for Family Planning?Want to Delay Pregnancy?Not ready to get pregnant now? What are my Choices? If you are not ready to get pregnant and are looking for methods to prevent pregnancy or want to wait for a few years to get pregnant, below are various options for you to choose from. Each one has different failure rates -- no method other than abstinence is 100% effective -- but as per your preference you can make a choice after talking to your doctor about each method and doing your own research to find out what is the best method that suits you or interests you. Natural Natural family planning is also known as the rhythm method. It requires tracking the woman's ovulation and avoiding having love when she is fertile. However, the failure rate is only 25% which is pretty high and you should be very precise with your calculations & requires careful planning with method Barrier Method Barrier methods include the condom, the diaphragm and the cervical cap. The diaphragm covers the entrance to the uterus, thereby blocking the sperm's access. The condom keeps the sperm contained. In general, barrier methods have a failure rate of in the range of 11 percent to 20 percent, Oral/Topical Some women take pills or wear a patch to control the hormones that allow pregnancy to occur. If used correctly, these drugs prevent pregnancy. You can stop taking the pills if you are ready to get pregnant. The failure rate of the pill or patch is about 5 percent, although it might be somewhat higher in overweight women. Injection Depo-Provera is an injection given to women as birth control. Women must get the shot four times per year, and it has a failure rate of less than 1 percent. Internal IUD stands for internal uterine device. An IUD is inserted into a woman's uterus by a doctor to prevent pregnancy. When the woman is ready to get pregnant the doctor can remove the device. The IUD has a failure rate of about 1 percent. Newer devices, such as the Nuva-Ring, have a failure rate of about 5 percent. Sterilization Both men and women can undergo sterilization procedures, with the goal of permanently preventing pregnancy. Failure rates for both men and women are less than 1 percent however, the procedures are never fool-proof or completely effective in everyone. If you want more detailed information get it right from or from the website below. ---

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Sumit answer on 04 Aug '16 at 05:36

Mere wife ki date 9 June thi. And July me 7 July thi. To mujhe kab love krna chahiye ki wo pregnant ho jaye....

Subashini answer on 04 Aug '16 at 13:44

Hi,i have taken only 3/4 pills for aonth..but am pregnant now...will the baby grows good or there wil b any probs for the baby.can i do abortion ?

Deborah answer on 06 Aug '16 at 01:22

I had a miscarriage on the XXXXXI was sixs weeks I passed it naturally. I blood i bleed for 5 days on the sat there was just a tiny bit i partner and I had love and almost everyday since passed couple of days I have been hungry , moody , tired my periods are due in 10 days could I be pregnant ?

Suman answer on 06 Aug '16 at 16:55

Periods kai miss ho Janey kai kitney din baad pregnancy ka pata chlta hai

Abhishek answer on 07 Aug '16 at 05:44

mail your problems on XXXXX you will get right suggestions and will get instant results to be pregnant