hame date ke kitne din uper hone ke baad pregnancy ..?

hame date ke kitne din uper hone ke baad pregnancy test karwana chaiye

Sunitaseth asked on 14 May '14 at 10:47

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Sabiha alam answer on 01 Sep '16 at 09:14

Period miss hone k kitne din baad test krna chahiye

Reshma answer on 29 Aug '16 at 07:46

Meri aaj ki mc ki date h abhi tak mc nhi aai kya m kal test kar sakti hu plz and in Hindi

Reshma answer on 29 Aug '16 at 07:43

Meri aaj ki mc ki date h abhi tak mc nhi aai kya m kal test kar sakti hu

Reshma answer on 29 Aug '16 at 07:40

Hume date k kitne din super hone k baad test karna chahiye

Abdulrizwan838@gmail.com answer on 22 Jul '16 at 11:28

meri gf ke periods khatam hue 10 din ho chukke hai toh kya hum love kar sakte hai ya nahi

Medsonline4u answer on 03 Sep '15 at 12:09

After 2-3 weeks love to conform to pregnancy test at home.

Khushi answer on 03 Sep '15 at 08:11

mujhe 3 din upper ho gaye hai or mere prieod nhi hua hai kya me pragnet hu

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Mom 4 answer on 09 May '11 at 17:01

I have a scale that not only measures fat but water as well. I noticed that I was starting to retain alot of water, and 2 days later I had what seemed to be an unusual amount of saliva. Soon after (like a few more days) I started to feel sick and achy all over. At this point I hadn't even missed my cycle. I decided to go out and buy both regular and digital tests. The regular one only showed 1 dark line, and the other I had to really look for like a ghost line. I thought it was just my imagination, so I waited until the next morning to take the other regular test with my first morning urine. But same thing, only this time, the other line was more like a shadow. The next day (which now would've been 5 days before my missed period) I decided to take the digital, and it read clear as day, PREGNANT! I called my doc took another urine test and also a blood test. They called that night to tell me congratulations. I was still 3 days before my missed period. I was literally only 3 weeks along. Now I am 37 weeks. It was a great thing to find out so early, but it has made for a super long pregnancy. LOL!

I love my baby answer on 09 May '11 at 17:15

They immediately start getting bigger and your nipples will darken as well.I started getting bigger glands probably about 3 weeks after i found out i was pregnant and my breasts were a dead give away they got huge quick! I went from a 34 D to a 37 DD and now i can no longer fit i a double D with out hanging out and i am 24 weeks pregnant and petite! They are out of control and i am often asked if i have implants! It angers me when i am asked that! The breasts are definitely the first sign then the missed period! If your breasts hurt even to be touched or bumped then you are more then likely pregnant and it only gets worse the further along you get! Mine feel like rocks.Just make sure when you take a pregnancy test t use first morning urine because hcg levels are higher in the morning because your urine is not diluted with things you drank through out the day. good luck to you!

Jill answer on 09 May '11 at 17:15

With a tubal, there would be intense pain, and by 3 months she would have had symptoms because the size of the baby at this point would have ruptured her fallopian tube. So I seriously doubt it is a tubal pregnancy. Also, you are incorrect that an ectopic pregnancy doesn't show up on a pregnancy test. It does. The embryo is developing and therefore the pregnancy hormone HCG will be present. I do not think your friend is pregnant. But if she hasn't had a period in three months when she has otherwise been regular, she needs to go to the doctor, insurance or no. She could have an STD or other illness that has affected her cycles.

Tausha answer on 09 May '11 at 17:15

It normally takes around two weeks from the point of conception for your body to produce enough HcG (pregnancy hormone) to be readable on a typical at Home pregnancy test. I believe blood tests can tell sooner but you'll need to make an appointment with your doctor for one of those. Good luck!

Mariahrose85 answer on 09 May '11 at 17:15

No, you can't tell you are pregnant immediately. She needs to take a home pregnancy test the day her next period is due.