how to use unwanted kit? what is the dosage of ..?

how to use unwanted kit? what is the dosage of unwanted kit having 5 pills?????

Sajid ali asked on 20 May '13 at 18:33

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Sandhya answer on 31 Jul '15 at 10:17

Sir I have 6week pregnant how to use unwanted kit pls suggest me

Ritu answer on 29 Jul '15 at 14:59

now 35 days passed so how to use unwanted kit plz help me

Sunny answer on 28 Jun '15 at 04:15

after taking two tablets if bleeding is happen after that take remaining tablets compulsory

Anurag answer on 16 Jun '15 at 18:10

My wife take a big and a small pill last night and one small pill tonight she still not bleeding . What to do now.

Rafiq ahmed answer on 11 Jun '15 at 21:14

How to use unwanted kit? What is the dosage of 5 tablet, pls tell me

Rafiq ahmed answer on 11 Jun '15 at 14:54

How to take unwanted kit dosage?, pls

Nestpill mart answer on 06 Jun '15 at 12:40

you will get information about unwanted kit in detail our website so you can visit here: ---

Md arif answer on 06 Jun '15 at 09:35

meri wife har mahine 16 tarikh ko Mc hoti thi par is mahine abhi tak nahi hue hai is ke liye unwanted kit 5 kaise use kare advice please XXXXX

Rani answer on 30 May '15 at 01:34

me prag hu.5 din upper ho game he.mene kit me check kiya pragnancy confirme he.mine unwanted mankind kharidi or Badi goli raat Khali PR Mac nhi .me baki baki bachi goli kese lu .Hindi me batay

Abhisek answer on 29 May '15 at 04:52

How to take miferpex kit. And how many rupees tablet cost... Did any thing to eat before taking miferpex kit..

Abhisek answer on 29 May '15 at 04:38

How to take unwanted XXXXXtablet abortion kit . 2 months have passed of pregnancy..

Sujatha answer on 24 May '15 at 19:20

Used unwanted kit after 12 hours of love.. Should I continue ?

Rupesh mallick answer on 19 May '15 at 14:30

My wife pregnancy in 1.5 months how to use unwanted kit please tell me

Rehana answer on 16 May '15 at 12:29

I take all 5 pill orally of mankind unwanted pregnanay confirm 38 days

R begum answer on 08 May '15 at 13:22

How to use a unwanted kit? I m 17 day's of pregnant.

Gowri.k answer on 07 May '15 at 10:46

how will use unwanted kit in 3 tablets?

Mani answer on 19 Apr '15 at 16:20

How to use this kit

Suresh answer on 04 Apr '15 at 07:17

200 mg unwanted kit 5 pills how to use

A suresh answer on 04 Apr '15 at 07:14

How to use unwanted kit 5 pills

Panjul answer on 31 Mar '15 at 18:44

Sir I hv a problem actually. I hv given 3 pills orally not in what to do..?plz sir solve my problem plz plz....

Mahadev patil answer on 25 Mar '15 at 05:10

how to use unwanted kit? what is the dosage of unwanted kit having 5 pills?????

Mahadev patil answer on 25 Mar '15 at 03:21

how to use unwanted kit? what is the dosage of unwanted kit having 5 pills?????

Mahadev patil answer on 25 Mar '15 at 02:56

I purchased mankind unwanted kit for my wife but I don't know how to take 5 pills,

Saroj kumar answer on 21 Mar '15 at 06:41

how to use unwanted kit

Sumanpravasethy answer on 17 Mar '15 at 12:51

how to use unwanted kit? what is the dosage of unwanted kit having 5 pills?????

Sumanpravasethy answer on 17 Mar '15 at 08:04

Unwanted kit me jo tablet hai konsa khana he or konsa puss karna hai

Sunanda answer on 17 Mar '15 at 03:52

How to use 5tablet unwanted kit

Kaushalendra kharse answer on 15 Mar '15 at 02:26

Q1. unwanted kit k 1st ya 2 nd khurak khane k kitne ghante bad bleeding hogi..? Q2. agar 2nd khurak khane bad bleeding na ho to kya 3rd khurak leni padegi ..? to 3 rd khurak kb leni hogi.? hindi me bataye please.

Sham answer on 18 Feb '15 at 06:14

i am 40 years old .i am pregnent in 33 days conformed i am use in unwanted kit mankind the first one is empty stomach and other 4 tablets how to use

Samir answer on 04 Feb '15 at 17:47

Dear all Any one tell me my wife is missing 1 month period after having love thenafter i gave medical.when i gave medical then period is started but bleeding is normal.after 1 mnth period is also missing.Period date 2 but till date there are no period.can any one tell me she is pregnant or not?

Danish answer on 26 Jan '15 at 01:56

What is the procedure to take mankind unwanted kit

Naresh answer on 15 Sep '14 at 13:07

Sir how to use unwanted kit mankind company tablets

Sanjana jha answer on 06 Sep '14 at 07:54

Hi i am sanjana i missing my peirad 4 days & my preganancy test is posetiv can i use unwantet kit plz. Tell me

Rameshwar yadav answer on 05 Aug '14 at 03:16

unwanted kit eat but bleedin is not came why?

Vikad answer on 31 Jul '14 at 13:58

My wife 15 days leat her not com to periad i want he tek unwanted kit

Satish tiwari answer on 05 Jul '14 at 10:53

My wife is 8 week pragency take unvanted kit but not celear and stoped bleding plz suggecs me.

Neelima answer on 03 Jun '14 at 08:01

Iam 9days of pregnancy

Vinay answer on 27 May '14 at 09:09

how to use ?

Chiranjeevi answer on 29 Apr '14 at 04:55

while pregnancy we can use menses stop pills pls suggest

Mani bhatt answer on 25 Apr '14 at 06:55

Hi I was take unwanted completed 15 days and my bleeding is not stopped yet.please tell me what can I do?

Ashok answer on 04 Apr '14 at 11:20


Sudeep panigrahi answer on 26 Mar '14 at 18:16


Dcgiri answer on 26 Mar '14 at 01:55

What is dosage of unwanted kit

Venky answer on 25 Mar '14 at 21:47

how to use this

Sridher answer on 15 Mar '14 at 17:19

my wife 10 days delayed mensuration date.pregnancy test is positive.what can I do?

Sunil answer on 14 Mar '14 at 06:43

I purchased mankind unwanted kit for my wife but I don't know how to take 5 pills, please suggest me early

Nidhi answer on 02 Mar '14 at 09:56

Think carefully before using the unwanted kit. Is your inner consciousness allowing you to do this? Is this morally right ? Am I in the right state of mind? Will I be able live with this decision for the rest of my life or lives if two of you are involved? Do you have a right to abort a life created by God? These questions you need ask yourself, Carefully go through the previous answers to questions on such subjects and do the sensible and right thing. Believe me a few years from now you will really feel very happy that you took the right decision.

Sriya answer on 01 Mar '14 at 05:44

Please visit to your doctor 

Rajeevi answer on 27 Feb '14 at 06:47

now 35 days passed so how to use unwanted kit

Srini answer on 24 Jun '13 at 05:10

how to us mankind un wanted kit

Answers of Similar Question

Robert armstrong answer on 14 Dec '15 at 19:02

unwanted kit is given before pregnancy to stop unwanted pregnancy. Your girlfriend is pregnant so give her MTP kit which is combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol which is used for safe and secure home abortion method. This abortion pack hold 1 pills of Mifepristone 200mg 4 pills of Misoprostol 200mcg. Take Mifepristone 1 pill primary and then take 2 pills of Misoprostol within next 24 hours and remaining 2 pills must be given within next 24 hours.

S.s. daspattanaik answer on 27 Nov '12 at 16:14

i am 28 years old and my mensuration period date is 12 of every month. but at last month (12/10/12) after my mensuration i had done loveual relation with my husband & also i have taken IPILL (contraseptic tablet) to prevent unwanted pregnency. after one month again i was doing loveual relation with my husband and also taken same pill within 72 hours, but unfortunately my periodic mensuration not done in right time (i.e on dated 27/11/12). so i had done a pregnency test with the help of PREGANEWS kit and the result is positive. so my question is whether it will right to birth the baby in healthy position or not ? what is the effect of the pill on my baby?

Annu pandey answer on 15 Jun '13 at 03:07

i am 2 month pregnant how to take unwanted kit 5 pills

Munni answer on 17 Jul '13 at 13:51

am 1month pregnant i have use unwanted kit 5 pills but no responce pls suggest

Saiveera answer on 28 Jan '14 at 19:32

Please do not use unwanted kit and kill a life that God creates. Instead of that use proper protection to prevent pregnancy. Here are the different methods: Looking for Family Planning?Want to Delay Pregnancy?Not ready to get pregnant now? What are my Choices? If you are not ready to get pregnant and are looking for methods to prevent pregnancy or want to wait for a few years to get pregnant, below are various options for you to choose from. Each one has different failure rates -- no method other than abstinence is 100% effective -- but as per your preference you can make a choice after talking to your doctor about each method and doing your own research to find out what is the best method that suits you or interests you. Natural Natural family planning is also known as the rhythm method. It requires tracking the woman's ovulation and avoiding having love when she is fertile. However, the failure rate is only 25% which is pretty high and you should be very precise with your calculations & requires careful planning with method Barrier Method Barrier methods include the condom, the diaphragm and the cervical cap. The diaphragm covers the entrance to the uterus, thereby blocking the sperm's access. The condom keeps the sperm contained. In general, barrier methods have a failure rate of in the range of 11 percent to 20 percent, Oral/Topical Some women take pills or wear a patch to control the hormones that allow pregnancy to occur. If used correctly, these drugs prevent pregnancy. You can stop taking the pills if you are ready to get pregnant. The failure rate of the pill or patch is about 5 percent, although it might be somewhat higher in overweight women. Injection Depo-Provera is an injection given to women as birth control. Women must get the shot four times per year, and it has a failure rate of less than 1 percent. Internal IUD stands for internal uterine device. An IUD is inserted into a woman's uterus by a doctor to prevent pregnancy. When the woman is ready to get pregnant the doctor can remove the device. The IUD has a failure rate of about 1 percent. Newer devices, such as the Nuva-Ring, have a failure rate of about 5 percent. Sterilization Both men and women can undergo sterilization procedures, with the goal of permanently preventing pregnancy. Failure rates for both men and women are less than 1 percent however, the procedures are never fool-proof or completely effective in everyone. If you want more detailed information get it right from or from the website below. ---