I'm currently pregnant for the second time.I just had my first Dr.s Appt yesterday and was given a due date of 9/26/13 which makes me 8 weeks preg. They saw two sacs, one baby has a strong hb of 160bmp and inside the other sac there's what the Dr. called a yolk.They didnt give me much hope of seeing 2 hbs in two weeks when i go back for another ultrasound but I'm awfully big for 8 weeks, & i know w/ your 2nd preg u show quicker but i'm pretty huge, like I'm 12 weeks not 8, keep dreaming twins like crazy and in my heart it is twins. I'm experience hunger pain every two hours and I know this may be the case with any preg but this just feels totally different from my first preg. I have read different things about miscarraging that one baby with not hb, I have not been bleeding or cramping at all but then again I was told my own body may absorve it. Opinions/feedback/advise please!!! Thank you

Susana villasenor asked on 15 Feb '13 at 14:58