Yesterday i had on and off bleeding and last night the bleeding happened again, so i automatically freaked out, my friend took me to the er at 9 and i didnt get seen till 1230. They filled my bladder up so they can have a better look at my uterus, did an ultrasound from my belly, then went into my vagina and stuck that camera kinda thing in there. I told them my last period was dec 5 and i guess they calculated that im 8.5 weeks. I didnt get out of there till almost 4am, but they told me they couldnt detect a heartbeat and maybe my baby died a week ago, I cried myself to sleep, but im doing a little bit better now. My mom doesnt think im 8.5 weeks at all, because if i were 8.5 weeks that means i would have gotten pregnant dec 5, my last period date. So my mom doesnt want me to give up, she still wants me to take my prenatal vitamins and eat like im eating for two because sometimes its hard for them to detect a heartbeat She wants me to take it easy and she sed if this is a miscarriage then i wouldnt have stopped bleeding from last night... and if i lost my baby a week ago, my body would have already got rid of the bad fetus... not to mention ive had bleeding before, about almost 3 weeks ago, so i went to my family doctor and he sed im about 4 weeks because it wasnt as much blood as now, it was like spotting, so that blood that was happening 3 weeks ago could have been implantation bleeding, so that would mean im very early in my pregnancy, earlier then 8.5 weeks, So im going back to my obgyn in a few days for a second opinion and tell them what went on and see if i can get an ultrasound and see if they detect a heartbeat, and see if they tell me anything different then the hospital did. But if anyone knows anything about HGC levels, can u explain this, when i went to my family doctor almost 3 weeks ago my hgc level was 9794, now when i went to the er it is 21532. Now my mom is a nurse and said if my baby died a week ago, like the er doctor said, then my hgc level wouldnt have went up that high. Now idk, my fam doctor is telling me i was 4 weeks almost three weeks ago, so that would make me 6,5weeks now and the doc at the hospital told me im almost 9 im expecting the worst, but hoping for the best. Any help, or miracles that some of you ladies had you can share to give me hope :)

Sheila asked on 08 Feb '13 at 17:43