According to doctors they say I'm 31 weeks, due January 16 and that my last period was April 11 but I remember it being march19 and it was a regular period. My first ultrasound I was about 9 weeks & two days. How come their getting a different LMP date then me? Should I go with what their saying and expect my baby January 16?

Jessica asked on 17 Nov '12 at 09:37

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Andrea answer on 17 Nov '12 at 09:55

Hi i have a question i ve had some pink brownish stuff in my panties on the 15 of this month. My cycle wasnt due until the 16 of this month i had more pink an brown discharge but it wasnt alot then i put on a panty liner an it stop an now its no more. i also been cramping an having lower back pains an my nipples are really sensitive an sore to the touch. could i be pregnant or is it my period?