I am on Depo and Antibiotics, am I safe or at risk of pregnancy?

My local ER gave me antibiotics for a nasty sinus infection that required hospitalization last weekend. Every question I seem to search for on YA is about people missing their shot. I am due for my shot ON TIME this Wednesday but was just in the ER this and have been on the antibiotics since. There seems to be a huge controversy on all webpages over this and I can't find a reliable source. Some talk about how since the pill is absorbed in the stomach with antibiotics it cancels it out but since Depo is in the bloodstream it doesn't matter. I haven't missed a shot ever and told my ER I was on Depo. I also have been having unprotected love with a partner I have been with for 2 years (no lectures please) am I covered or not? I just want a straight answer thanks.

Cya asked on 23 May '11 at 16:39