What is happening to my body? Please explain! :(?

I just came from a very stupid pregnancy scare. I've never had anything past foreplay so that was completely unecessary. I had my period May 2-6/7 and it wasn't my usual heavy period. It was light then heavy then light then heavy which is the reason why I got so scared. I know, it was uncalled for. So there, this whole month of May, I've been so stressed and worried and scared and emotionally unstable after that. :( Usually, I'd have a lot of discharge after my period. And it'd usually be the kind that stains underwear. But after this period, it's only white discharge and there's barely any. I find it so odd because it's not usually what I get. And I'm supposed to be ovulating around now, right? It's already been past 14 days and I'm not sure if I have or haven't because my CM isn't looking anything like what it's supposed to while ovulating. Honestly, I only learned about ovulation when I experienced that pregnancy scare. I've never noticed it before.. in my years of having periods. And NOW, I'm experiencing vagina dryness. No matter how 'wet' I want to be, I just...CAN'T! And this never happened to me before. EVER. Which is worrying me a lot... I've been feeling so dry and my period is due on June 4, I guess... and I don't know what's happening with me! Please explain :( I need help. I'm so worried.

Yang jun asked on 23 May '11 at 14:43