What is the best cream for old and new stretch marks during pregnancy?

I have old stretch marks from my first pregnancy and now am pregnant again, what can I use that will help me get rid of them?

Zlosnica_13 asked on 10 May '11 at 11:27

1 Answers

Stephanie.kewley answer on 10 May '11 at 11:27

hi im 19 weeks pregnant and from about 15 weeks iv developed strech marks i was using roc maternity oil 2 times a day and it did nothing!!! im not particulary carrying very big either so its strange that i have started developing them so early?!?!?!?! however i have heard bio oil is supposed to be very good however atm im just using body butter but i have developed a few more in the time iv been using it. to stop myself from getting so down i just decided to think of them as a medal, your having a baby the best thing a women can ever do and u would be daft to think ur not gonna get any lasting effects think of it as a good tthing. i like mine because it shows my baby is growing!!!

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