How to fight with massive allergies during the last three months of pregnancy?

How to fight with massive allergies during the last three months of pregnancy?This is the seventh months pregnancy of my daughter. I want to tell that it is irritating skin rashes/allergies over tummy, arms & legs.

Mon asked on 10 May '11 at 04:50

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B w answer on 10 May '11 at 04:50

First I would ask my physician if there are any recommended anti histamines for pregnant persons. If you don't want to use that option, nasal rinses made up of just salt water help decongest sinuses for a short time. Menthol and eucalyptus cough drops help with decongestion as well. A steam bath using a cup of apple cide vinegar in a quart of water for your sinuses (put a towel over your head, heat up the liquid, turn off the heat, give it a few minutes so you don't burn your sinuses and put your head over the steam, the towel is to help keep the steam near your nose and inhale). Eating the yoghurt mix that advertises its good for your immune system may help your allergies, (check with your Dr. if there are reasons not to eat that stuff), and lastly, keep away as best you can from the things your are allergic to. Take frequent warm showers and wash well so you are washing off allergins, when cleaning only clean with a wet mop or rag, and have someone else do the vacuuming and wait a few minutes after vacuuming before entering your home so the dust settles. Check you soaps and perfumes, and use only ones that are hypo allergenic and maybe not use perfumes at all. When outside if you have pollen allergies wear a small filtering mask, if you live in the US its going to be cold soon so that shouldn't be an issue unless you are in the south. Stay away from what you are allergic to, treat your symptoms and check to see what the Dr. says about anti-histamines, there may be one out there that is considered OK for mom and baby.

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