What is pregnancy doing to your body and what are you having?

I know they say a lot about if your hair is this way or that way you're supposedly having a boy or girl... If you break out, your having a boy or girl...etc. If you're carrying high it's this or in the front it's that... Just wondering how your body is reacting to pregnancy and what you're having... I'm 23 wks w/ a boy- my hair is fuller, but I'm breaking out on my shoulders and a little on my back. I'm carrying him all in the front though- he's my little basketball!

................. asked on 10 May '11 at 04:50

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Bessers7 answer on 10 May '11 at 04:50

I am 26 weeks and having a girl. so far I have only gained 7lbs... my only weight gain is in my chest and my belly. I have been craving sweets... my hair does not feel thick at all-more stringy than anything and my face is breaking out!!

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