What are some facts about pregnancy that every woman should know?

Some facts that are important to know during the first few weeks of a woman's pregnancy. Don't have to give exactly much information but anything you know that could be help full or anything to be aware of during pregnancy?

Aleah f asked on 10 May '11 at 03:38

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Mama bear answer on 10 May '11 at 03:38

Your uterus will start to stretch and it can hurt really really bad. Unless you start bleeding or spotting its nothing to worry about. I dreamed up all kinds of things wrong with me because i was in so much pain. Turns out it was perfectly normal. Get prenatal vitamins asap until you have your first doctors appointment. If you are having trouble taking them due to morning sickness you can take 2 flintstone vitamins. Its about the same. You should also take them before you go to bed. Stay away from hot tubes, caffeine, sugar, smoking, drinking, litter boxes, and fish. Congrats and try to enjoy it!

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Subashini answer on 04 Aug '16 at 13:44

Hi,i have taken only 3/4 pills for aonth..but am pregnant now...will the baby grows good or there wil b any probs for the baby.can i do abortion ?

Deborah answer on 06 Aug '16 at 01:22

I had a miscarriage on the XXXXXI was sixs weeks I passed it naturally. I blood i bleed for 5 days on the sat there was just a tiny bit i partner and I had love and almost everyday since passed couple of days I have been hungry , moody , tired my periods are due in 10 days could I be pregnant ?

Suman answer on 06 Aug '16 at 16:55

Periods kai miss ho Janey kai kitney din baad pregnancy ka pata chlta hai

Abhishek answer on 07 Aug '16 at 05:44

mail your problems on XXXXX you will get right suggestions and will get instant results to be pregnant

Syed answer on 07 Aug '16 at 22:04

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