when does your belly button start to change during pregnancy?

i notice my belly button is closing up its like pulling in and there is a line going down my belly button.i think iam like 2 weeks pregnant..isnt it to early for it to change?this is my first pregnancy.

Laura asked on 10 May '11 at 02:55

1 Answers

Jen_with_relish answer on 10 May '11 at 02:55

If you are a very thin person it's probably not too early, although it may not be from the actual baby yet. Your uterus is still way down being protected by your pelvic bones still. The dark line is caused by the hormone influx. Not every woman's belly button changes. With my first pregnancy I gained alot of weight and mine stayed the same. I'm 25 weeks pregnant now and mine is starting to flatten out a little already. It really depends on your body type, the size of the baby and the placement of your uterus and placenta. Congrats btw!

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