At what point did you start to dilate during your first pregnancy?

Hi ladies! I asked this in the pregnancy section, but not getting a lot of answers. How many weeks were you when you started to dilate? I know some people start earlier and sometimes maintain that until late in pregnancy, but just curious about everyone as I know everyone is different. Thanks.

Dragonfly girl ~ haley is 1 asked on 10 May '11 at 01:43

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~ ? zaiden's mommy ? ~ answer on 10 May '11 at 01:43

I was only a "fingertip" dilated until I went to the hospital and was induced. I went for my regular check-up 2 days before my due date and told my OB I was SO tired of being pregnant and that it was a good weekend for me to have my son because my husband was off work for several days straight so I went in that night (at about 1/2 cm dilated) and they gave me a pill - I can't remember what it was called - that got me contracting. I had regular contractions until about 3 AM but didn't dilate. They started my pitocin then and I really contracted hard but still didn't dilate. About 8 AM I was in so much pain but only about 2 1/2 cm so my OB came in and told them to get my epidural going and right afterward he came back in and broke my water. I went from 2 1/2 to 3 cm at about 9 AM to 10 cm at 12 PM, started pushing at 12:05PM and my son was born at 12:48PM! However, the nurse at my OB's office walked around at 3 cm for 2 weeks so, like you said, everyone is totally different! And just because you might dilate early this pregnancy, your next may be like mine. Either way, GOOD LUCK and CONGRATS!!!!!!

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