How do you be happy about your own pregnancy when someone near jus lost theirs?

Myself and another women at work got pregnant at the same time, but yesterday found out she miscarried.I am 9 weeks pregnant and she would have been 8. She has been very short with me, and asked another girl to ask me to take my pregnancy screensaver off of my computer. I have miscarried twice and understand what she is going through, but how do i continue to be happy and share the news with others i work with without hurting her.

Tsbj_wife asked on 10 May '11 at 01:29

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Nobody special answer on 10 May '11 at 01:29

Just say sorry for her loss and maybe keep out of her way for a while. She shouldn't blame you for how she feels but i can see why it would hurt her, its a constant reminder of the baby she will never have. You can sympathise with her seeing as you have already been through it before. And don't change your screensaver, it's your computer and it's not there to upset her, it's there for you and you only.

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