What argument can you make about teen pregnancy?

I have to write a 10 page argumentative paper and I want to write about teen pregnancy but can't think of an argument for it. Anyone have any ideas?

Sunny22 asked on 09 May '11 at 23:56

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Anonymous answer on 09 May '11 at 23:56

which side are u on? there is almost no good that can come out of teens having love and getting pregnant. abortion is wrong wrong wrong and adoption is the only good thing that can come..it gives the teen a chance to make better decisions from there on and makes another family happy to get to adopt. even if you are marriedd, teen preg. is not a good choice becasue you are just soooo young and have so much to do with ur life.

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Sumit answer on 04 Aug '16 at 05:36

Mere wife ki date 9 June thi. And July me 7 July thi. To mujhe kab love krna chahiye ki wo pregnant ho jaye....

Subashini answer on 04 Aug '16 at 13:44

Hi,i have taken only 3/4 pills for aonth..but am pregnant now...will the baby grows good or there wil b any probs for the baby.can i do abortion ?

Deborah answer on 06 Aug '16 at 01:22

I had a miscarriage on the XXXXXI was sixs weeks I passed it naturally. I blood i bleed for 5 days on the sat there was just a tiny bit i partner and I had love and almost everyday since passed couple of days I have been hungry , moody , tired my periods are due in 10 days could I be pregnant ?

Suman answer on 06 Aug '16 at 16:55

Periods kai miss ho Janey kai kitney din baad pregnancy ka pata chlta hai

Abhishek answer on 07 Aug '16 at 05:44

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